About Kevin

I am a long-time resident of Toronto Centre, first in the Church-Yonge Corridor, and currently in North St. James Town. I am driven by community service and progressive politics, and for the city I live in. I have years of experience as an activist, working in government and electoral politics, and managing vital community organizations and campaigns.

I am probably best known for over twenty years of work in the LGBTIQ2S communities in Toronto, particularly as the former executive director of Pride Toronto and WorldPride 2014. I have always valued hard work and compassion, and I’m happiest when I’m learning and contributing to a collaborative effort. That’s what our movement is all about.

As a young gay man, I came to Toronto almost thirty years ago seeking the warmth and love of a supportive community and a progressive culture. I want to make sure that welcome and warmth are expanded to include to everyone, and shared equitably across communities - particularly those confronting discrimination and systemic oppression. 

I have worked in government, in politics, and as an organizer and advocate. I spent eight years at City Hall, including working with Toronto Centre Councillor Wong-Tam, and have lived and been active in Toronto Centre all of my adult life.  

I have seen firsthand how a decades of austerity have damaged our communities and the public services that support them. The Liberal government, after fifteen years in power, has not had the courage to invest and rebuild following the devastation of the Progressive Conservatives before them. I’m running because I believe we need someone at Queen’s Park who is present in the community and understand its needs – and will fight for resources to help.

With courage and determination, we can change politics in our riding and in Ontario in this election. I look forward to working with you!

Kevin Beaulieu
Running to be your NDP Candidate for Toronto Centre



Kevin is committed to:

  • Anti-poverty initiatives that reduce income inequality

  • Working closely with equity-seeking communities

  • Ending police carding and all discriminatory practices

  • Programs and services that combat violence against women

  • Public housing, co-ops, dignified shelters, stronger protections for renters

  • Universal and comprehensive Pharmacare

  • Public and affordable childcare

  • Public transit that meets demand and reduces crowding

  • Stronger protections for workers

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